The advanced 3D modeling tool that you’ve been waiting for.

A tool that allows you to create quickly and intuitively with solid 3D shapes that are automatically blended and rounded. QubeModeler is powerful enough to allow to make major changes to a design at any point of the creative process, even at the very end.

Due to its minimalistic interface it is also extremely easy to use.


QubeModeler is a “concept modeler” made to fill a gap that always existed between 2D and 3D tools.

QubeModeler bridges the gap by allowing the same creative freedom as 2D sketching, but in a 3D environment. This way you can start from scratch, unleash your creativity and continously develop your concept ideas. The workflow is non-linear and non-destructive. At any point of the process your 3D model is “alive” and can be constantly improved.


QubeModeler can be customized for any specific use or field, and it can be adapted to the needs of corporate design processes. QubeModeler is in constant evolution. It is just the starting point to explore the infinite intersections between 3D modeling and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Manufacturing, Virtual Reality and much more… Stay tuned to discover the evolution of QubeModeler!


QubeModeler is for: 

Design Professionals 

If you are part of a design studio or if you are a freelance designer, you will quickly understand how different QubeModeler is from any other 3D tools you’ve been using so far. QubeModeler is probably the missing step in your improved 3D development pipeline.


Design Educators 

 If you are a design educator or a design student, we are paying careful attention to your needs. We decided to give design schools a priority access to QubeModeler because we believe that educational environments are the best place to experiment with new creative workflows. There is a lot to discuss, get in touch!


3D Artists

If you are a 3D artist in any field and you want to stand out from the crowd, QubeModeler is for you. You will enjoy the freedom and creative pleasure that QubeModeler provides. You’ll find it can become addictive! We can’t wait to know what you think about it once you’ve tried it.



QubeModeler is currently in Beta phase. If you want to try it let us know by sending us a message at the address below. We ‘ll be in touch very soon.