Advanced Virtual Tools

The next generation of creative tools for designers



A modular set of digital 3D tools and solutions created by designers for designers.

VirQube includes 3D tools that can be used separately or combined into digital solutions to create extremely innovative workflows.

A workflow based on VirQube can be extremely fast and enjoyable, boosting productivity and at the same time increasing the  quality of the results. A VirQube workflow can be applied to every field of design including automotive, aviation, industrial design, and also any other creative field based on 3D workflows.

Parametric 3D Modeling

QubeModeler is a revolutionary parametric 3D modeling tool. It is extremely fast, powerful and easy to use. QubeModeler allows you to create 3D models by combining and editing solid shapes in real time. Because of its fast and easy workflow, it is particularly useful for concept modeling as it enables you to quickly create design alternatives that can be refined or visualized later using any other 3D modeling or 3D visualization package, including QubeReality.

Real-Time 3D Visualization

QubeReality is a cutting edge 3D visualization solution. It is a set of tools and services enabling you to create: virtual reality experiences, product configurators, web or desktop interactive apps, or a combination of all of these thanks to the modular and versatile nature of the tools. QubeReality is the perfect companion to QubeModeler. Together they represent the state of the art of modern and innovative creative workflows.




“I’ve been using and developing  3D tools since 1994 for the Automotive, Aviation, Hi-Tech and Luxury Goods industries because I needed them to create and showcase my designs. 

I’ve put all my expertise and passion into creating this modular set of digital products and services in one complete package. 

VirQube is my way of sharing my expertise with other professionals to help them easily create and showcase their designs.” 

– Turi Cacciatore –



Multi-Disciplinary Designer & Developer, VirQube Creator

The man behind VirQube is a design veteran (25+ years) with an extensive background in creating both physical products and digital experiences for top brands across different fields. Turi has a profound passion for and knowledge of 3D real-time graphics and one objective: “helping creative professionals to evolve through a deeper understanding and practical use of digital technologies”.

To learn more about Turi Cacciatore please visit his personal website