A modular set of digital solutions designed to help companies or professionals in any field to bring their products or services into Virtual Reality, enabling them to create highly emotional experiences for the public or to enhance the design development process.

QubeReality can either be a turn-key solution covering your VR needs from A to Z, or a specific element that is currently missing in your existing Virtual Reality development pipeline. QubeReality can also be everything in between due to its modular nature.

Quality, simplicity and flexibility are the core features of QubeReality .

Visually Stunning and Fast

Virtual reality relies on real-time graphics technology. Displaying highly detailed products and materials without slowing down the visualization performance is what truly makes the difference in VR.  Optimizing the source geometries and creating highly realistic materials is a key part of our expertise.

Simple and Ready to Use

In virtual reality, complexity grows exponentially when we need to combine a variety of sophisticated hardware and software elements. We make the whole process easy to understand and provide ready-to-use solutions for both design development and product communication needs.

Modular and Customizable

Every sector, every company and every project has unique needs and specific requirements. Our solutions consist of modular software and services. We can customize both the hardware and the software in order to create exactly what is needed, nothing more and nothing less.


Virtual Reality can be very emotional. It can transport your product right into the hands of your public and allow them to them interact with all its functionalities or create their own personal version of it. If you intend to use VR as a communication tool you can count on the emotional impact it will have on people. If you need it for design development purposes, you can benefit from a much more realistic experience of the product from the earliest design stages. In both cases it is important that the user perceives the emotionality and the values behind your product and not the complexity of the tool.

We excel at creating emotional experiences that people can enjoy and remember.


We are constantly exploring the latest technologies to make sure that QubeReality always represents the state of the art of technological evolution. Our multi-disciplinary approach allow us to break down the barriers between fields and always reach for the best solutions no matter where they are. Our passion for what we do enables us to dare and experiment with the unknown. Often we find ourselves at the cutting edge of experimentation, such as full body avatars or 3D navigation interfaces.

Full Body Avatars

3D Navigation Interfaces


QubeReality was conceived around its users and can be adapted to any specific need. Its flexibility goes even beyond traditional virtual reality. Whenever using a virtual reality headset can be a limit, QubeReality can be used as a simple PC or Mac application controlled with keyboard and mouse. If more people need to be connected at the same time in a multi-player experience, each user can decide the level of immersivity depending on the available devices. Here are some examples of VR environments experienced in a non-immersive way and controlled just with mouse inputs.

Automotive Exterior Configurator

Aircraft Interior Configurator


QubeReality is a totally modular set of services and digital products. We can provide you with just an app that simply runs on a PC as an .exe file or with a full set of services from content creation to hardware supply with on-site assistance. The app itself is made of sub-modules so it can always be upgraded or expanded with new functionalities. New modules are always under development and you can even request additional modules that fits your specific needs.


3D Data Creation


We create a 3D model of your product if you don’t have one. If you already have one, we just create the scenery and all the 3D assets required to create the final VR experience. We also take care of interfaces and audio assets.


3D Data Optimization


We optimize your 3D data in order to grant the calculation speed needed for VR without loosing quality in the visualization. Every single detail of your product will be preserved.


QubeReality App


We create a PC app that includes all the contents developed including your product in 3D, scenery, avatars, etc. No additional software is required to run a QubeReality app. Launching it is as easy as clicking twice on a desktop icon. 

Hardware Supply


We can provide you with all the necessary hardware equipment to create your VR experience including an on-site support service. The hardware can also be customized and branded if necessary.



QubeReality is for: 

Design and Marketing Professionals 

Do you want to showcase your product in VR?

If you have a 3D model of your product in any format this is enough for us to provide you with the hardware, the software and the necessary assistance to create a VR experience to showcase your product for internal or external events. Even if you don’t have your product ready in a 3D format we can create it for you and deliver a final 3D experience.


Professional Trainers and Academic Educators 

Do you need to train professionals or students on VR?

 We’ve been training professionals and students for the last two decades by combining theory with practice. VR cannot be only explained, it needs to be experienced in order to be fully understood. We can provide you with a VR expert who can take care of both the training sessions and the VR training experience, including all the necessary equipment.


Audio Visual Artists and Performers 

Do you want to engage your public with a live VR performance?

If you are a musician or a visual artist (or both) we have a lot to talk about! VirQube can easily be used for artistic expressions that combine immersive audio & visual experiences. It can also allow you to create online events that anybody can join. Your audience can experience your performance from any device, even without a VR headset.



If you have a project to discuss please let us know or if you just have a question we’re happy to give you more info.